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  1. Jason: It is still iffy, but I have gotten it program by simply programing what I can till the error pops up. I then quit the program and start it up again till I get all the buttons programed. Thanks for the help/update. Steve
  2. Hey all. I got my Flirc and it's bios was 1.0. I upgraded the firmware, no it wont let me program the remote. It various when it decides not to work. Some time I can get 5 buttons programed, others times its only 1. I have checked the forums and have tried in a windows 8, xbmc, and Ubuntu with no success. have cleared the memory, tried upgrading the firmware again and done everything suggested on the forums. This seems to be a common problem and I would like to downgrade my firmware but haven't been able to find it anywhere. Please help Thanks Steve
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