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  1. Hi Petzi As far as i know XMBCbuntu is denying to execute programms for every user by default. I have no idea why. So far i know only how to change that for each programm individually. But in this case it should do since you only need flirc to run i guess. Anyway to do it, enter the XBMCbuntu GUI. Right click on Flirc. Go to properties or settings (sorry i'm at work and don't know the exact words but you should get the idea). And now you should see an option where you can change the rights for executing this program to everyone or only your user. After that you should be able to execute it. As i said i'm at work, but if you need closer information just let me know an i'll post the exact way. Cherrs!
  2. Hi I am having issues to install Flirc software in my xbmcbuntu with commandline. I followed the instructions very closely and did everything as described in this post. Still it gives me an error code. This is what i added in /etc/apt/sources.list: # flirc deb http://apt.flirc.tv/arch/i386 binary/ When i run sudo apt-get update this happens: Err http://apt.flirc.tv binary/ Packages 404 Not Found Ign http://apt.flirc.tv binary/ Translation-en_US Ign http://apt.flirc.tv binary/ Translation-en Fetched 411 kB in 14s (28.6 kB/s) W: Failed to fetch http://apt.flirc.tv/arch/i386/binary/Packages 404 Not Found Does anyone know what could be wrong here? Thanks in advance.
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