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  1. As a bit of feedback I find Windows key + <num> to be far more relaiable that the shortcut key CTRL+ALT+x The first method appears to work all the time to launch XBMC, whereas the second method fails now and then when the PC resumes from standby
  2. Cheers Chris, Your post on the XBMC home page is the reason I am here - and probably a few of my mates as well. I can't say how impressed I am with Flirc. Its just brilliant. Many thanks to Jason for it's development. I never knew of that on-screen keyboard. I don't think I have ever ventured into the accessibility options in all my years of using windows - or other OSs for that matter. This little util will help with the fault finding. I'm testing the windows key + <NUM> option this evening and will update with success or otherwise.
  3. This is great. If you find that the action in keymapedit isn't that descriptive the list of built in fucntions in XBMC is found in the XBMC wiki which describes the actions a little further. With a harmony remote you can set up heaps of these functions with the programmable buttons making it very quick and easy to navigate your way around XBMC
  4. Hi all I'm seeing some confusing behaviour when using a shortcut key to launch an application with flirc. RUnning Win7 I'm starting XBMC using CTRL-ALT-X assigned as a shortcut key in the desktop shortcut for XBMC. This is then assigned to a button on the remote. This is the same set up as described I have have a harmony 785 na dhave set it up similar to the guide here using the panasonic TV. The shortcut key works fine when I start the computer from a cold boot (is just restarted or previosly shutdown) however if the PC has gone to sleep (S3) at some stage and I wake it the shortcut key no longer works. I can start XBMC manually and then all remote commends within XBMC mapped with flirc work fine. I'd first like to verify that flirc is still sending the CTRL-ALT-X. I normally use notepad to test what flirc is sending but I can't do this with multiple key presses - is there an app that can identify what key presses are being sent? I'm assuming that this is some sort of issue with Windows rather than flirc but can't work out a way to test it. Has anyone else has experienced similar behaviour?
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