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Having Problems with RCA Remotes


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I'm trying to set up with some RCA remotes. Neither one seem to "register" with the FLIRC receiver. Is this the case, or are the remotes defective? When I go into the Flirc GUI and start the programming process, these two remotes don't seem to register any key pushes. Is this a common problem with RCA remotes?


41jlZ526V5L._AA160_.jpgRCA RCR311BIR Three-Device Universal Remote Control 41z6tJD8hZL._SP160,160,0,T_.jpgRCA TV & VCR Remote Control #240895, CRK76TA1

Is anyone using these remotes successfully? Where can I find good technical information regarding remote signal formats and so forth to make an informed pruchasing decision?


I'd go out and pickup another cheap RCA Universal remote, (I like the way the buttons are laid out, etc.) but I'm not confident that this problem will not be seen with other models. One of the "selling points" for the Flirc was that I thought I could use one of the "spare" remotes that I had around the house.




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