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Hello, I have a Logitech K700 keyboard (from my Logitech Revue Google TV) that I am going to be using as my keyboard/mouse for my new HTPC.  There is a thread on the Autohotkey forums here that uses custom scripts with Autohotkey to add functionality to the K700 keyboard.


Before I install the software and attempt this custom script, I'm wondering if anyone knows if using Autohotkey on the "real" keyboard will impact my Flirc unit at all?  I don't want any conflicts to mess with it.


I may interested in using Autohotkey for the Flirc at some point in the future as I work on switching between WMC and either XBMC and MB3, so I want to see if anyone has any experience with this.



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Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't look like the keyboard has an IR blaster. Unless it does, I don't see why it would impact the Flirc at all.

You're right, it does not.  I didn't know if the "double keyboard" aspect of the program would create a problem.  I believe Autohotkey makes changes to the keyboard and I don't know if it can separate out the Flirc "keyboard" from the "normal" keyboard.  Not sure if I'm explaining my concern properly.

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