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Unlock all buttons on Comcast DVR remotes


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I was having a hard time getting the AUX mode on this remote to utilize all available buttons. In other words, DVD player codes do not use the Menu/Guide/Last functions, and DVR codes do not use Play/Pause/Stop functions.

The code 01877 is undocumented and unlocks all functions without interfering with the cable box. I assume its a code for an older cable box that is no longer used. Now I can assign every single button to a key.


EDIT: The above code produced some strange behavior and was not reliable. After more experimenting with codes found here, 00869 produces good results. The only downsides are that a couple non-essential buttons are not implemented (Page+/-, B, C). However, this is the best one I have found so far. Please post if you find something better.

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I am able to use most of the keys I need on my Comcast remote- but some of the obvious ones do not work.


For example, the "last" key, the circular back key (next to the "My DVR" key, the exit key, etc.


This is the link to Comcast's instruction sheet for the remote (the link goes to the Comcast remote info):




Beyond this- I think the product is terrific- in fact, I ordered a second.

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To give a little additional insight into using the Comcast remote control with Flirc, using the Comcast code of 00869 and programming it to the AUX key works well.  However you may experience issues with slow response time when pressing the directional downs buttons on the remote.  To remedy this (in Windows 7) go to Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and printers.  Right click on Flirc and from the menu that appears select keyboard settings.  Set the 'Repeat Delay' to long.  Set the 'Repeat Rate' to short (or sometimes one tick to the left of short).  This will solve any slowness or delayed responses when pressing buttons on the Comcast remote.

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