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Generic IPTV Box Setup (Zumm TV)


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I have generic iptv box called ZUMM TV for programming from back home.  The remote that accompanies this is a dual bluetooth(BT) and IR combination.  By default the remote connects to the box via blue tooth and from the research I have done there isn't any way to turn this off.  Is there a way for me to connect the box to Flirc (via BT) and then configure the Flirc to work via logitech harmony remote. Aside from navigation and OK button I will need to configure home and power as well.  If yes, then how to I setup Flirc to connect to the box and then what model(Profile) should be used in logitech harmony.

Currently logitech doesn't support teaching via bluetooth remote and I want to avoid purchasing their $500 remote for this box.  Please advise

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The problem is that you don’t use the right IPTV provider. You should find a better one and call a professional to install the new box. They will figure out how what the problem was and will help you. The same was with me when I wanted to install the roomba.tv. I decided to change the provider because the old one was freezing too often and lacked TV channels I like. There were also some problems with the box, but I couldn’t figure out the issue. That’s why I called some local professionals and asked them to change the whole system. I recommend you do the same.

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