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Hi everybody!
I use Linux Mint and Flirc SE.

I sucessed turn off the computer with keyboard combination and command line.
Is it possible turn on the computer?
When I turn off the HTPC, the blue led is lighting. So it get power.

Any ideas?

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wow this is such an interesting idea.... i had to sign up just to reply to this!

if you put the computer to sleep instead of powering off completely, it will likely wake up when you press a button on the remote.

I would check your system BIOS, but I'm not sure there is a way you could power on a computer that is shut down through USB unless you add extra hardware....

I found a device on Amazon for $8 that is a relay.  This relay can "learn" any remote transmitter in the same way the Flirc learns commands. 

You could wire the power button from your PC to this relay and turn the PC on and off from a button on the remote.  

Here's the relay I found:  -Channel Infrared Remote Control Relay Module IR Switch 5V:


The relay would need 5V power to operate, which you could pull from an unused USB header on the motherboard, for example, or the power supply directly.

You can wire the relay in parallel to the normal button, so both would work!

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