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Wake and Sleep HTPC with Flirc (V2) And Harmony Hub


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Hello, I been trying to get something/anything Flirc (V2) to work either wake or sleep my Windows 7 HTPC using the Harmony Hub with remote 915-000194 but maybe i'm not understanding how to set this up along with the hub. I downloaded the software Flirc Windows GUI Software v3.1.0 installed it and it updated to firmware v4.2.2. Can some explain the process past here for the new software and the hub? Like do I close the software or minimize it because I dont think it runs in the background ect. After I get it working I woundnt mind writing an updated version of how to....



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You're complicating things too much for yourself.

First of all, current firmware of Flirc v2 by default should wake your PC when you press any remote button it knows (any you've recorded previously in the GUI or one of the built-in profiles). Or you can record a WAKE key using the Full Keyboard controller in the GUI, which will cause that only remote button associated with the WAKE key is going to wake your PC.

Second, on the Media Keys controllers in the GUI, you have a Wake/Suspend key. Using this key you can make your PC go to sleep.

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