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Controllers for FLIRC's GUI


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HI guys, i dont want to shock anyone here but,

i strongly believe that FLIRC only needs 1 controller

and thats the FULL KEYBOARD controller!

honestly think about it,

once u can map keyboard keys to desired buttons,

the sky's the limit!

you have ultimate flexibility!!

i mean, even tho i use XBMC,

it never came to my mind to use the XBMC controller...

once i saw that there's a FULL KEYBOARD controller, man,

heaven on earth!!

what do u guys think?


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The pre-made controllers just make it easy for those that don't want to go look up what each key on the keyboard does. I think having both is good. The controller is a good starting point, then if you want to customize it, switch over to the keyboard and have at it.

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I think it's fine the way it is - advanced users who require the keyboard preset are likely to come across it keyboard preset on their own, where as users who only require simple may can confused by a full keyboard.

Perhaps the option of which one you want to program could be more obvious - but I don't think it's a big deal at the moment

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