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Buttons not repeating with URC MX-980


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I recently purchased a Flirc Gen2 and have successfully programmed it with my URC MX-980 remote using the AUX-001 profile. Everything is working as expected but ran into an issue with buttons not repeating when holding them down.

For example. when holding PageUp or the PageDown button, it's only sent once to my nVidia Shield TV. I also tested by plugging it into my Windows 10 computer and the buttons are not repeating when being held down.

Now what's strange is that if I use the PageUp/PageDown buttons that were programmed for the eHome receiver, it repeats perfectly fine on the eHome receiver but only once on the Flirc receiver (both connected to Windows 10).

Any ideas on how to get button repeating to work on the Flirc Gen2?


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Hi, I have the MX-990 remote and Gen2 Flirc but I have no idea where to start, I have programmed my remote for everything else but just don't know how to get it to work with the Shield. 

Can you please give me some step by step on where to start with this dumb it down as much as possible,please.

Are you using the Shield Pro, I have the non Pro version right now but would upgrade if needed.

Also can't you in the CCP software go to an individual button and tell it to repeat more than once?


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