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Flirc + Samsung bn59 remote control


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I can't pair my flirc with the samsung bn59-01242a remote control of my samsung smart tv.

The software does not recognize when I press some key of the remote control.

It works with any other remote control but not with this particular one.

Any help?

(Firmware v4.0.16)

(software v2.3.3)


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Just wanted to chime in here. That Samsung remote will send IR codes dependent on the device listing with the television. When setting up my Sony Soundbar, when using the Power Test..and choosing the second option, the directional pad + center button would work. Back button would not. When I reran the Power Test, and used the THIRD option..which also worked for my Soundbar, all buttons would transmit in IR. 


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Hi there. 

I disagree this is a Bluetooth remote. It is also a smart remote. It can be set up to work with multiple set top boxes home theatre or game boxes. 


I can can set up most keys but for some reason flirc can't tell the difference between up and left. 

The up and left button works perfectly fine when tested on the tv and fetch box. 

Is there some type of log file I can send?

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Heya @Madiba, I picked up a Flirc USB dongle without checking if it will work with the remote (silly, oh well, got other uses for it) and i'm trying to get the same remote working as your initial post.

I'm curious to know what your workaround was, where are you changing this remote type? Or did you mean you used a completely different remote all together?

When pointing the remote at my phone camera and pressing buttons I can see that it's sending IR similar to using another older tv remote but as @yawor mentioned its likely also communicating via different means (bluetooth) given that you can speak into the remote for voice commands.

I think i'm going to have to find me a small IR remote, bugger.

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This probably works in a similar way as the LG Magic remote, which also is a BT remote. When a Magic remote is paired to an LG TV, the TV allows you to associate specific device (brand/model etc) with a specific input (HDMI1/HDMI2 etc). When that input is then selected and you press any key on the remote, the TV uses the remote's IR blaster diode to control your device.

This doesn't mean that the remote itself is an universal one. It is just an IR output for the TV's firmware. So this means that you probably can use it like @Madiba mentioned, but you can use it that way only when paired with the TV (it probably can't work stand-alone).

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