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Indicate which buttons are currently recorded


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this would be an amazing GUI improvement in my opinion!

if possible, somehow show already recorded FLIRC buttons in GREEN color!


it would definitely be easier to see which buttons are recorded

and which ones are not!

and when users would delete a recorded button, of course,

it would go back to GREY color!


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I think this would be a great gui enhancement as well.

Also to be able to "Erase" what ever IR signals are assigned to that particular virtual keyboard key would be nice.

I had an issue when I was programming my Flirc that a random IR signal being put off by a lamp got linked to the "P" key so my video would pause randomly. Funny but frustrating.

Short of reprogramming my whole setup again I ended up fixing it by clicking "Erase" and letting it sit there for 10 or so minutes until it received that unwanted signal again.

It would have been nice to click "Erase" and then the "P" on the virtual keyboard to clear that IR signal.

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I'm just tweaking my newly arrived FLIRC now. First, let me say that the product is AMAZING. Second, I agree with all of the above posts. I used eskro's suggestion (THANK YOU!!) for mapping a Samsung TV but for some reason I have a few repeat keys on my Harmony One. It would be nice to know which ones they are and just reassign to another unused function in the Harmony software.

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Youd have to design it in such a way that you can see linked key combinations.


If the CTRL key, ALT key and P key were simply highlighted, that could be representing multiple different permultations:






So youd need a weay to show linked key combinations

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