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Have Both Older and Newer Flirc Recievers, Cant get repeat to work on New Unit


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OK Guys. I was super excited by my FLIRC and decided to dedicate a review to it when I noticed that the older Fully clear version was no longer on amazon. So I found the new revision here on Flirc.tv and ordered one to compare.

While it looks great but I am having issues. I updated the firmware on both and the software to newest as of today and what is happening is I cannot get key repeat to work with the new receiver.

The old receiver works great for arrow keys and page up/down to scroll through lists as well as to adjust volume using my Emotiva XDA-2 remote. I just hold the key down and it repeats the action until I let go.

I rebound everything in the software for the new receiver in the same way and it only performs the key press ONCE.. And then waits for you to re-press the key over and over.

If I swap back to the old receiver it still works fine.

There are a few checkboxes in the Advanced settings of the software that MIGHT fix this but I can't get that menu to work correctly. IE Intrer Key Delay is not set to any value and when I try and set it to anything or modify the check boxes it doesn't save when closing that dialog.

**Fully updated windows 10 64bit OS

Thank you, any help is appreciated. Also do you have any plans to put this unit on amazon to be prime shipped?

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I don't know what protocol is used by this remote but it may be NEC. If yes then this is a known issue with the way new Flirc handles repeats. This is being worked on so hang tight. You can try using it with different remote. If it doesn't use any NEC family protocol then it should work properly. The issue comes from the fact that NEC protocol doesn't use full frame repeats but only sends the command once and then sends short pulses that inform the receiver that the button is still pressed.

From what I've observed the advanced settings may not yet work with new Flirc. Also Interkey delay is probably not needed and won't be supported by new Flirc as the repeat handling works in a different way (it detects delay between repeats during recording and stores that value together with the signal, so there is no need to manually tune that anymore).


I've found details of protocol used by Emotiva's XDA-1 remote. It is NEC1 with Device 6 and Sub Device 255. It's hard to tell if XDA-2 also uses the same protocol, but it's highly probable.

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