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Adding the flirc to the harmony


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I know someone will have an answer on this forum and I'm hoping this is fairly simple.  I am adding my computer with flirc to my harmony link.  I turn on my activity and it all turns on correctly.  My computer is always on but when my receiver is turned off and then back on after awhile and sometimes immediately, my receiver displays not supported on the receiver screen.  If I turn it back off and hit the remote I use, whether on the keyboard or generic looks like Logitech clam style Dinovo Mini it connects just fine.  Also, if I hit a key on the computer before the pioneer turns on it handshakes perfectly.  Mind you I don't have my computer sleep at all.  It is balanced and my monitor or hard drives never sleep. 

     So my question,  How do I set this up.  I really just need a button pressed to wake up the computer without actually touching a remote since I use Harmony and Alexa to turn on the activity.  Taking alexa out of the equation because she will run the activity on Harmony however it is set up.  I understand that Kodi has a remote that can be accessed online and that may work but it seems way more complicated than needed.  So does anyone here know how to do this?


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