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Adding ir extension to flirc


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How about adding a 3.5 mm jack for ir extension kabels?
i know it possible to extend your flirc with a usb extender but those kables are to big if you need to drill holes and the flirc is not as easily hidden.
By adding a 3.5 mm jack you would also be able to connect, lets say, a slingbox directly in the case that you own multiple slingboxes, connected
to boxes responding to the same ir codes, in a tight lokation, near an internet connection for an example :).
Im describing my setup after travelling with my kids who watches different TVshows on ipads and I hope that adding a jack to the flirc is
something you guys would consider.

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You can try doing it yourself (of course on your own responsibility). There has already been such a mod described on the forum. The problem is you can't feed Flirc micro-controller directly from IR repeater or Slingbox (using only electrical connection). Such repeaters are using high frequency signal which is the same as IR signal (with a carrier frequency of about 38 kHz in consumer devices). That signal first needs to be demodulated into a simple binary signal. Flirc uses an IR receiver chip which has the demodulator built-in and translates the IR signal into binary signal which is then given to and processed by the micro-controller.

You could place an IR repeater diode next to the Flirc (possibly not very near, give it some space as Flirc is very sensitive). Also you don't need to place Flirc in direct sight of the remote. For example, mine is hidden behind the TV (it's plugged into a Raspberry Pi 2 in Flirc Pi Case, which is mounted on the back of the TV). There's no problem with IR reception at all.

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