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Logitech 650 will not switch off Kodi unless Help pressed


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Hi all,

I really hope someone can help as this is issue is really frustrating.

My Flirc+Mini PC+Open Elec/Kodi all works great except when pressing Off on my remote, the mini PC will only switch off if I press Help > "Has your Kodi turned off" > No > It then switches off with the help command.

I have literally tried every setting to try and make this work first time.

Just to add, going into the Flirc software on my PC, I select full keyboard, I don't get a shutdown button in there to map but going into the Kodi controller I click on the shutdown and pressing the off button on the keyboard Flirc doesn't even register anything being pressed. I don't understand the command that is being sent by the "Help" on the 650 that's different to what I'm sending?

Any help appreciated.



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Hi Andybtsn:  1)  What remote are you using?  2)   What button on your remote are you pushing when--from Flirc's Kodi interface--you choose the shutdown button?  3)  If you were to connect a keyboard to your PC, what key would shut it down the way you want it to? 

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Hi there

It's a Logitech Harmony 650

I press the button "Off" on the remote, however to get to the shutdown menu I have assigned a button on the remote, E, this is an ok work around but if someone presses "Off" then the mini PC is left on. Just to add if I take the flirc out of the equation, the mini PC does have an infared port and therefore the Kodi profile on the harmony software does turn the machine off using "off", I just like Flirc as theres more functionality (context menus, info buttons all work)

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Just a quick disclaimer, I've never used Open Elec, but I am using Kodi on a Win7 PC with a Harmony 650. 

I thought the only way to shut down a PC via the Kodi interface was to call up the shutdown menu


and then choose the second option.  While a keyboard "s" calls up the menu, I'm not aware of a keyboard combo that directly selects "power off system."  Therefore, if the Harmony remote is able to shutdown your system via the help button, then it must know the PC's keyboard shutdown command but just isn't using it appropriately.

I think you need to go into the Harmony software and make some changes so that pressing the "off" button sends the PC's shutdown keystroke and not Kodi's.  Instructions either here:




Let me know if that solves it.

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Hi, thanks for the suggestions.

I have tried device power options, every option in fact to no avail!

I honestly don't understand if I remove the Flirc the PC turns off using the in built in infrared and the Kodi profile on my Harmony. (pressing Off)

If I have the flirc plugged in and have the Flirc Kodi profile on my harmony then it literally won't turn off using Off. The only thing thing I noticed on the flirc profile on my harmony there is only "power off" where as the Kodi profile has "toggle power" which appears to turn the PC off.

I don't think I'll ever fix it, literally spent hours and hours on it already! I can't be the only one with the issue mind?!

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Unless I'm really off base here, there's no one-button Kodi control that will shut down your PC.  Therefore in order for the Harmony (or any remote, keyboard, etc) to shut off the PC, it needs to send the actual "PC shutdown" command.  And that most likely means a command that's NOT in the default Kodi or Flirc profiles.  If you didn't have the Harmony, is there another remote control that came with the PC that could shut it off? If so, that's the button you need to teach to the Harmony for power off.  if not a remote, is there a keyboard command that would shut off the PC?

I'm confused by your last reference to the two different profiles on your Harmony.  Do you mean activities or devices?  if i assume you have an activity called "Watch Kodi" on your Harmony, you probably have at least two devices set up under that activity: one was Flirc/Kodi to control Kodi, but what other device did you install to control the PC?   if you go into your Harmony's set up and you look at the button pairings for "Watch Kodi,"  what device is it using for power off? 

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