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Hi everybody, I'm trying to setup Flirc on my Raspberry Pi using ArchLinux (RuneAudio) but I'm not familiar with ArchLinux and instructions are only for debian based system. I already tried a couple of things and searched on Google with no success. Can anyone help me to setup Flirc on ArchLinux?

Thanks in advance.

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AFAIK you won't be able to program Flirc on Raspberry Pi so don't bother installing the software on it. You only need the Flirc software for programming and you can do that on your standard PC/Mac (whichever one you have). After that you just need to connect Flirc back into RPi.

I don't know the RuneAudio distribution but you should check if you can control it from the standard USB keyboard connected to RPi. Flirc emulates USB keyboard so it can control things as long as they accept input from one.

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