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[Harmony Companion & 650] Some buttons not responding, some buttons are grouped together as one


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Both remotes have some issues with the Flirc software. Here's a summary of what I've found so far:

Remote of the Harmony Companion

Buttons that are read as duplicates: Exit and Back/Previous Channel. Guide and OK (button in center of D-pad).

Buttons that don't get read: Menu, Source, E, DVR and Record.


Buttons of the Harmony 650

Buttons that are read as duplicates: Guide and OK (button in center of D-pad).

Buttons that don't get read: Back/Previous Channel, Menu, Source, E, and Record.


I've found a workaround for these issues though. I'm currently using my telecom provider's TV remote (but any random remote will most likely work as well), and go through all the commands to see which get picked up by the Flirc software. I then teach the commands that work to my Harmony remotes, and bind the learned commands to the buttons that had an unrecognized signal.


Still, I have to express this: as Flirc company states that...

We don’t want to just make great media center products, we want to make great media center solutions. Which is why we’ve partnered with Logitech. Logitech has a number of custom flirc profiles that allow you to easily control your favorite media center hardware or favorite application. No flirc programming necessary, support is built in.

...my solution in this context is not a pretty one. Having such flaws is excusable if it were pertaining to any random X brand remote, but considering my issues are in regards to remotes of a company that Flirc have been partners with for quite a while, this is definitely not. I'd kindly like to suggest to refine the support of at least the 650 and Companion (I say at least, as I don't know if other Harmony remotes suffer from the same issues). The suggestions for refinement are:

  • Let the software be able to recognize all buttons from these remotes (not just the ones that you've pre-programmed), and make sure that each button is read as unique.
  • Talk to Logitech to expand support on their side as well. Their button layout is not a carbon copy of your Kodi layout. For instance: 'Home' is called 'Back' in the Harmony software (goes for both remotes, as well as well as the virtual remote in the Harmony app). And some buttons are missing: for example there's no button present in the Harmony software that represents the functionality of the 'Go Back' button in the Kodi layout.



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