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sgt panties

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Now that I've spent hours setting up my Flirc (no fault of Flirc, there's just a lot of factors to consider) it would be nice if I could dump my Flirc's mappings to file that I could save in my backups, just in case I got a new Flirc or my current Flirc gets stolen or zapped.   AND, tweaker that I am, it would be nice if that backup file was editable text, not binary.   Of course this implies that the backup file is used by the other nice-to-have function: a Flirc restore.

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@Bob Sutton you can name your config files any way you want. The name of the config file doesn't matter to Flirc. It is only a backup of the config. Flirc doesn't load its config from a file as the config is stored ON the device. To make it clear: save configuration is used to backup Flirc's internal config area to a file and load configuration is used to restore Flirc's internal config area from a previously saved file. You don't need to save the config for Flirc to work.

The "invalid length" has nothing to do with config files. Can you send me your log with that message?

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The configuration on the device is updated automatically every time you record or delete a key or change something in advanced options.

Yes, restoring the backup (using load configuration options in the GUI) overwrites previous config stored on the device.

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