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Hi all,


I have an idea and I'm not sure where to get started. My idea is to create a linux daemon that would intercept keyboard combinations (ctrl-shift-1 for example) and toggle a GPIO pin on the raspberry Pi or increase/decrease PWM. I would like to use it to control LED light strings and close motor driven curtains while running Kodi. With this kind of daemon I could use any button on any remote to issue the keyboard combinations through my Flirc.


Any way, what I would like to know is does this sound feasable and how hard would it be?


Kevin Fonda

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Thanks, that looks like exectly what I was looking to do...only much easier because somebody else already did it. :-) Since I posted I did some more reading and found out the Kodi can run pyton scripts from the keyboard.xml file and  managed to get it to do What I wanted from there, but trigger happy looks like it will be better since it is at the system level and doesn't count on kodi running.

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Using Kodi keymaps and python scripts is also a nice idea. It may depend on Kodi being running correctly but it also gives ability to change keymaps depending on current app state: for example you can run different scripts (or with different arguments) for fullscreen player and different for main menu. Every method is good as long as it does what it needs to do :).

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