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Problems with harmony ultimate one -> MCE


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I have problems with my harmony ultimate one and flirc. Play, pause, rewind, forward and stop doesn´t work with flirc. The record button has no function also the EPG Button.


I´m working with flirc 1.3.4 and Firmware 3.4. Is there any posibilty to solve this problems?


Sorry for my bad english :) Can anyone help me?



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I really can't understand what exactly have you tried already.


What I would do though is set the Harmony to some device like Samsung, LG or Panasonic TV (depending on which you don't have so there is no interference with your TV) and then use GUI to manually record remote buttons to keys that are used in MCE. You don't have to use Windows Media controller in the GUI, you can also use Keyboard controller - you can also mix any of them. If you can't find a key you need on Windows Media controller then just switch to Keyboard one and record a key combination you need there. That way you can customize remote button functions whatever you want.

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There are various posts on this - this is the best discussion (and I think it is consistent with your problem)



Essentially the flirc receiver doesn't seem to play nicely with WMC - it puts in the key presses but for some reason WMC doesn't pick it up (yet it works if you use a normal USB keyboard).  So it is not the remote, but the receiver that seems to be the problem.


It is on the list to be fixed, but I think the developers have been looking at this for some time:


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