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Today I setup Flirc for my Windows 7 HTPC with Kodi to work with a Logitech Harmony 300 programmable remote control. I also have a Raspberry Pi running openELEC and I was hoping that I could use the same Flirc and remote with the RPi without too much difficulty. I discovered that setup with the Logitech remote could not have been easier. Everything is working perfectly on both the Windows and the OpenELEC machines.


I plugged the Flirc into the Windows machine and installed the Flirc software for Windows. After a reboot, I launched the My Harmony application to add a device. The input for manufacturer was Flirc and the input for model was XBMC (or Kodi, both words work the same). After syncing the new device I launched Kodi and found that the Harmony remote controls Kodi easily without lag.


After setting up the Windows machine I unplugged the Flirc and moved to the room with the Raspberry Pi. I installed nothing new in OpenELEC. I just plugged in the Flirc and I was able to control Kodi with the Harmony remote.also without lag.


Flirc and my Harmony remote are a perfect pair.



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