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How to selectively disable Flirc?


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I'm using one remote, in part because Flirc allows me to map the keys on my one remote to keyboard values. It's a manufacturer's TV remote. I've mapped the up/down/left/right/enter/back buttons on this remote to the appropriate keyboard keys using Flirc. That works well. The problem is that I will use these remote buttons for the TV from time to time. The buttons are not exclusive to my use on the computer. I suspect I'm not the only person with this situation. What I don't want is be pressing keys on the computer when I'm using the TV remote for other purposes.


Is there a way to temporarily disable Flirc from translating IR signals into key presses? Perhaps by reserving one of the buttons as the toggle. Or maybe a sequence of buttons. Basically, a lock/unlock button or code.




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