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ESC & Backspace cannot be assigned independently


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Dear Developers,

I experience a strange problem with the Flirc USB2. Apparently it is not possible to assign both keyboard keys esc and backspace (latter one is designated as delete key on the full keyboard) to different buttons on my remote controller. For some reason if I record a remote controller button to the esc key than the delete key is also assigned to that remote button (in Kodi then it realy shows the escape behavior, i.e. jumpt directly to the main menu).
However, if other way round I assign the delete key to my remote button, than automatically esc is also a mapped to that button (then the behavior is back, i.e. go to the upper folder).

To be more specific: I am using a harmony companion remote controller having two buttons BACK and EXIT.
My goal: BACK button to be assigned with the backspace key, EXIT button to be assigned with the esc key.
Even more strange is, when I assign both buttons as described above and erase one button (doesn't matter which on, say EXIT) if then I try to erase the other button BACK the GUI says that this button has already been erased (which I didn't).

So I really would like to ask for your support in this matter.

Best greetings from Berlin

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