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Linux support?[Solved-ish]


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There is evidence on the website of there once being Linux support for this Flirc USB thing but the guides are from 2012 and all the links are dead. Will it be coming back?


after looking more into at the site and these forums support for this thing looks to be dead regardless of platform. back in the box it goes, not sure why it was sold with the skip remote if its no longer supported.

Found the latest release at http://apt.flirc.tv/arch/x86_64/
and figured out it needed libhidapi-dev installed from apt

sudo apt install libhidapi-dev

and running the program with sudo from the terminal.

sudo ./Flirc

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Hello Starlight,

I want to congratulate you.

You have find the only solution to make work the Flirc USB for me with the program where i found here

and the command line you told in your post above mine.

Without your post i couldn't use the dongle IR.

Thanks again.


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