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OpenELEC + Logitech Harmony Ultimate One + Flirc


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Hey Guys,


So I have - OpenELEC 4.0 + Logitech Harmony Ultimate One + Flirc


What would be the best way to setup Flirc for controlling OpenELEC?


And are there any extra and special things for the harmony setup to use/do?

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I started setting up my Harmony 300 by recording the arrow keys, enter and back. I was a little dissapointed... until I realised I could use MORE buttons :D So I started recording each one based on a DVD player I don't have.


Then I realised all I had to do was clear the Flirc settings completely and then use the Logitech Harmony software to Enter in Flirc and XBMC as the make and model. Presto! Next to no effort required.


I did go ahead and setup some other buttons for the functions I wanted, like disable subtitles. But literally nothing to do in the Flirc software at all - All inside the Harmony software.


I have to say when I first thought £20 for Flirc or about £5 (inc. Delivery) for an IR sensor, some wire and some time programming it into Linux/OpenELEC myself, that I thought £20 a bit steep. But after such an easy setup I recon it's well worth the money.


I thoguth I wouldn't normally have bothered. I was happy using my Android phone as a controller. But the wife and kids can now make ful use of the Raspberry without faffing with phones.


Loving it :wub:

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