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Found 1 result

  1. My LG TV/remote has very bad CEC support and there is no way to make use of colored buttons (red, green, yellow, blue) so I purchased flirc in order I could make use of those buttons, too. Only using flirc is not working well because remote control triggers TV functions if not in CEC mode so I need to run CEC and Flirc simultaniously. But that's not an issue here. My question is: how can I map for example the red button on my remote to trigger a function in XBMC - through Flirc. The XBMC configuration doesen't show the function for downloading subtitles, how can I get a custom key in the configuration? I know how it works on the XBMC side (remote.xml, <red>...</red>), but how can I get Flirc to assign the red button on my remote to red mapping in XBMC? tia P.S. am still using 0.96, would I need to upgrade to beta?
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