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  1. I can attest that these FLIRCs are great for use with KODI when, especially when you build your own HTPCs. I have two 1st gen FLIRCs, which I have been using a while. But, I replaced one of the computers with an NVIDIA shield, so one of the dongles has been gathering dust until I built an arcade computer and needed a dongle to control KODI while the arcade was not in use. Thought I'd refresh the firmware on one of the FLIRCs and install it, but I advise against this. If they work, I don't think you should upgrade the firmware. After I upgraded to v3.9? one of the dongles stopped working. The remote doesn't register any of the key presses. Could I get the BIN for Firmware v2.3.0? This is the firmware on the other FLIRC that is still working. I am using the DVD button on the remote assigned to code 004.
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