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Found 1 result

  1. I am running Windows 7 64 on my PC I have Flric v 3.9.12 and firmware v4.4.2 My issue: I configured my remote to work successfully, but I find after my pc is powered of and I restart, The remote does not work until, I reseat Flirc dongle in the USB port. Basically the steps I take to turn on my computer, (the computer is off). I start by pressing the power button on my remote, the computer and TV comes on. (so the remote works before the computer is on). I then wait until it is booted up. Then I try to use the same remote that is configured in Flirc and the remotes buttons do not respond. I wait, but still no luck, I then have to reseat the Flirc in the USB and everything works again. I read some older posts and It says some older versions fixed this some time ago, Not sure why the version I have does not work. Could it be that I have my computer set to turn on via USB activity? I tried to turn off sleep mode on the USB in the computer settings, but no effect. Any suggestions ??
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