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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I've been a Flirc user for several years and was thrilled to find the update for XBMC recently. I updated to the latest GUI/Firmware 3 days ago. I'm finding that every time I press a button mapped to an Alt+ or Ctrl+ or Win+ combination, Windows responds as if it were several key presses (more than 3). SO my Alt+F4 closes a program...and the computer gets shut down too, Alt+Tab FLIES through several open tasks and is like a roulette wheel on what I'll land on. Ctrl+ and Ctrl+Shift+ combinations do the same thing, so in Media Center, FF/REW go full throttle from the start, Record is impossible as well. I'm pretty sure the Win+ button combinations do the same thing but it's not as easy to test. I checked ALL the other buttons in programs or notepad or both and they work fine, single press. I tried the scale of inter-key delay from 0-6. I'm using a Harmony 880 and never had THIS problem before. I tested using both the actual key profiles in the GUI and the Full Keyboard, same result. Win7 machine Harmony 880 New clean config as of 09/16/14 my_flirc_config v3.fcfg
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