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  1. Just sharing my experience since it cost me 2 hours to figure out a proper configuration: I use an Harmony 650 and a FLIRC receiver to control my computer. When I switch to the activity "watch a movie", I want my Harmony/FLIRC to do: - WIN+P - RIGHT - ENTER in order to activate dual screen on the TV. For that, I added a personnalized sequence to the activity. The sequence played manually was working fine (thus no pbl of button configuration), but nothing happened when the Harmony was playing it automatically. I suspected a problem of duration of the IR signal. => I changed the "repeat delay" (the cursor value between 0 and 3) of my Flirc-XMBC device in MyHarmony.com It was 0 by default, I set 2. Now it's working fine :) I suppose it's related somewhere, but I flashed my FLIRC with an "inter-key delay" = 6. No idea what is the exact meaning of it though :( Your thoughts are welcomed if you have a leaner solution ! :P
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