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  1. Hello, new flirc user. I am using flirc with a HTPC and Harmony remote with WMC keyboard device selected. Some of the video apps I use are Plex, Dish Anywhere, Amazon streaming. Unfortunately the keyboard shortcuts for the most needed functions (play pause ffwd rew etc.) are not the same between all the apps (what is worse, I can't even find keyboard shortcuts for some apps, but I digress). So one use model I was thinking could be useful would be if there was the ability to switch between flirc configurations using a subset of assigned buttons (this would require all of the configurations to assign the subset of to the same "switch flirc configuration" function) An example of what I am trying to do: The play key is diferent between two video apps. I want the same button on the remote (the button with the play icon on it) to function as the play function with both apps. To do this, I need to switch flirc configurations when I witch between the two apps. Is there a way to do this using the remote control, by assigning buttons to key or key combinations that cause flirc to switch configurations? Or is there another way to accomplish what I am trying to do?
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