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  1. Hello all, I've received the Flirc and I've tested a few remotes. If I get my hands on more remotes I'll post them here. The setup was made in a Winblows 7 Laptop running x64bits. Used the beta firmware fw_wake_v6.bin that gave me better results, faster with the cursor buttons if long pressed. After everything was done the Flirc went to it's place, the Acer Revo 3600 running XBMCbuntu. Here's the list of the tested remotes: OLD XBOX 1 Remote - Doesn't work properly (which is a shame unfortunaly) MEO BOX Remote (Portuguese CableTV Microsoft Box) - the "cross" doesn't work properly WDTV (ver 1) - Works flawless mapping with the full keyboard in the controller menu. WDTV Remote - > Controllers Menu POWER -> S in Full Keyboard (Shutdown Menu) HOME -> HOME in XBMC UP -> UP Arrow in Full Keyboard LEFT -> LEFT Arrow in Full Keyboard DOWN -> DOWN Arrow in Full Keyboard RIGHT -> RIGHT Arrow in Full Keyboard BACK -> BACKSPACE in Full Keyboard (Parent) STOP -> X Arrow in Full Keyboard (Stop) OPTION -> C in Full Keyboard (Title\Right Mouse Button) REV -> TAB in Full Keyboard (Explorer while playing) PAUSE/PLAY -> P in Full Keyboard (Pause/Play) FF -> O in Full Keyboard (Codec Info) PREV -> Volume Down NEXT -> Volume UP SEARCH -> I in Full Keyboard (Info) EJECT -> M in Full Keyboard (Menu)
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