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  1. Hi, I have successfully set up my HP Windows Media Center RC6 Remote Control (TSGH-IR07) using the flirc se for use with Media Centre on Windows 8.1. Configuration file is attached. I'm using the firmware associated with the current stable GUI (1.3.4) Not all the buttons are programmed (Visualisation, Print, Radio and Eject), but the wake and shutdown has. All the keys are double coded because each button produces two different IR blasts on subsequent presses. A key thing when getting this setup was never to use the erase button. There is one major gremlin though. While the context menu and skip right and skip left buttons have been correctly assigned, whether they work or not is entirely context dependent. For example the skip buttons work on the TV Guide, but not on Live TV! This seems to be nothing to do with the remote, just how the flirc keyboard commands get interpreted by media centre. They do work when watching DVDs though! The context menu (ctrl+D) never seems to work. Putting these commands in via a USB keyboard does give the desired behaviour. I've tried mocking up the same behaviour using EventGhost and that behaves even worse - I can only get basics like the arrow keys. I know there has been a long forum post on the topic in the past, but I'm very willing to do additional testing if anyone has some bright ideas - my Mrs won't cope without being able to use the skip keys for TV!! Thanks
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