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  1. Hello everybody To make it quick and clear :-) two questions here: 1) I am using an OneForAll URC-7140 remote control. Is there any IR-code you can suggest to get all the keys working? Whats your experience? My TV-brand is LG so this codes are out of question. I had no luck with all the Sony TV codes (1505, 1825, 1651), the flirc setup utility did not recognize a single key press. Someone in the forum suggested to use TV codes as chances are better to get every key on the remote working. 2) XBMC reacted very laggy to key presses, I had to hold down a button for about 2 seconds to get some reaction on the GUI. I have already played around with the Inter-Key delay without any recognizable change. Thanks for your support and this great product!!! Best, Matthias P.S: I have aleady upgraded to the latest firmware which is 3.5 atm if I remeber correctly.
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