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  1. Hi All, I recently bought a FireTV Cube and the plan was to control it with my Harmony 665. I had read on the web about the Flirc workaround to the native BT protocol used by the Cube remote and remembered that I have a Flirc G2 bought in 2017 still in the box for lack of an application. Plugged it in my Windows 8.1 and upgraded the firmware to 4.9.3 After that, I continued with the following steps: Programmed Flirc selecting the Fire TV controller and the FireTV built-in Profile In MyHarmony, I added Flirc Media Player [Flirc FireTV], then went on to assign the Flirc buttons to the remote buttons Set ADB Debugging to OFF in the Cube's settings Plugged Flirc in the OTG cable and the cable in the Cube dongle Unfortunately, it does not seem to work and was wondering if anyone could help me troubleshoot it. Did I miss/do something wrong? Is there a quick way of figuring out whether there is a problem with the Flirc unit? It seems to be responsive, I have not gotten any error messages. Thanks.
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