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Found 1 result

  1. I can see a lot of info on here regarding the Harmony 650 so apologies for starting another thread but I have had no useful success following any of the advice. I currently use an old Sky remote with FLIRC to control XBMC and all works great but I invested in the Harmony so I could also control other hifi boxes and turn off all the system at once. However, its not working half as well as the old remote did. I'm using 2.6 stable version on Ubuntu 64bit. I've chosen allow built in profiles in the advanced settings which is the closest thing I can find to all the mentions on here of a Harmony profile being built into FLIRC post 2.4 builds? Where is this? Is it something that has to be chosen?? I've then proceeded to add all my devices to the Harmony and chosen a Media Centre PC with Flirc build and XBMC model. Firing up XBMC at this stage is a bit of a let down. The direction buttons, number buttons, play / pause and info buttons work but most of the rest do nothing. Most importantly neither the back or exit buttons do anything so you cannot get out of menus in XBMC or clear the screen. However, there is a back shortcut on the LCD activity display that works but thats pretty useless when I have a back button one push away on the remote itself! I've then tried going into FLIRC and reprogramming some of the buttons without much success. Some buttons will record with no problem. Others just simply won't record. 'Back' on the remote won't do anything when trying to record to it. I also wanted, as on the sky remote, to programme keyboard letter E to the 'TV Guide' remote button so it brings up the EPG in XBMC but again nothing happens when pressing it to record a button to it. This is also the same for the red, blue, yellow, green 'colour' buttons that I used on the other remote for TV / Radio / Recordings / Timer screens. I choose the letter in full keyboard view that launches those screens in XBMC but nothing happens when I press them on the remote to record. I've read that they have to have functions assigned to them in Harmony for it to be programmable in FLIRC and ive double checked this and they do indeed have functions assigned. I then tried using the latest beta RC candidate listed here: to see if this would improve the situation but unfortunately I cannot run it on 64bit linux as it looks for shared library files that cannot be found. Is there a 64bit build available? Will it actually improve the situation any if there is? Any help greatly appreciated!
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