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  1. Alongside some back-and-forth with Jason (THANKS man!) --


    I blew away 2 of my 3 flircs (in very similar fashion to the process you used, maxwell), and additionally made an adjustment to my Harmony 650 per the instructions here:




    There, I changed Device Command Repeats to 0 (from 1) for the Flirc Media Player device.


    After some testing I handed the remote back over to the missus, who is usually the best test case ever. She didn't manage to cause repeating keys, so I'm cautiously optimistic.


    edit=fired it up this morning and unfortunately I'm hitting the bug again.

  2. can you upload your config. I'll see about putting together some debug firmware for you to try. Doogie, can you ssh into the box once this happens and run some commands? 


    I've just sent it to your support email. And yes definitely I've been tail'ing the xbmc.log (with xbmc's debug logging enabled of course) to get the keypresses it is seeing.

  3. Starting over just to be double clear:


    OpenELEC 4.2.1 x86_64

    ASRock ITX system/AMD A6-6400K/4GB RAM/64GB SSD

    Logitech Harmony 650 configured with Flirc media player profile


    Flirc 3.1

    -Sleep detection on

    -Built-in profiles on

    -Inter-key delay 3


    Observed behavior:

    When pressing any remote key, intermittently the flirc sends from 3 (more likely) to 140 (outside possibility) repeats of the same key.

    Pressing another key on the remote does not interrupt the repeats - you've got to wait it out.



    Moving the flirc to a different USB port temporarily stops the problem from occurring.

  4. Jason - yeah, now that I read my post again, I was pretty unclear - I upgraded the FW in response to the problem starting to occur. v3.1 does not seem to make a difference.

  5. This is SO STRANGE because things have just worked up until a few weeks ago, unchanged, nothing touched. So much so that I thought, oh right, the remote's batteries must be dead. If there is any debugging info I can provide I am more than happy to, my setup:


    OpenELEC 4.2.1 x86_64

    Flirc 3.1 (was running on 1.0 prior)

    Logitech Harmony 650

    US, grounded outlets, brand new electrical actually


    Remedies: moving the flirc to another USB port sometimes works, waiting sometimes works..short lived either way sadly.


    Flirc is velcroed to the bottom of the TV chassis and a USB extension cable runs to the PC.


    I have 3 PC's throughout the house with this setup and all 3 started having the issue at the same time.


    edit=added more details

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