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  1. I setup my FLIRC today and although it was pretty straightforward, I made some observations that may help other new owners.

    Firstly, the GUI needs to come with just a few more instructions. Simple things like, do the remote commands immediately become active or do I have to 'save' the config...or is saving the config simply a backup? (I know all this now but it wasn't obvious at first)

    The full keyboard has a key labelled 'DELETE' where the backspace should be. Delete and backspace AREN'T the same thing and when looking to program the XBMC function assigned to the backspace key, it's a bit confusing.

    Also, some of the icons/keys on the XBMC programming screen in the GUI aren't obvious (for example, what's the key with 2 small letter Cs on it mean?) and could do with some tool tips which appear when the mouse hovers over a key, stating what that key does.

    Hey, I'm a complete noob at this so if any of the above is nonsense or I'm missing something, just say. :)

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