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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm sure its been asked but whats the best setup for using Flirc, on Plex Media Player (Embedded) + Harmony Touch on a Intel NUC 5i3?

    I have it setup and it turns on and off using the Intel NUC device, and Flirc controls Plex ok, but there are a few buttons missing. 

    eg, Menu and DVR. I'd love Menu to take you back to the very first menu on PMP, is this possible?

    Also I've noticed a delay of like 1s when pressing a button and PMP moving.

    I've read the article saying its the hardware or remote, but if I use the NUC built in IR it works quicker.

    I've set Harmony to have 0ms delay with inputs, but the delay still remains. Not sure if I've configured it incorrectly, any ideas?

  2. Hey Guys,


    Just got Flirc and its great fun.


    Programmed it up easily using Manufacturer: Samsung

    Device: LN46C650L1F


    All buttons programmed using the XBMC Controller.


    The only button is Power.

    When I press the power button on the remote my TV/AMP and everything turns off but not XBMC.


    I am using OpenELEC.


    How do I program the power button?


    I tried using the power button on the XBMC controller and then pressing the power button on the remote activity but it doesnt work.

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