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  1. Hello

    I thought i'd share my set-up:

    XS35GTV2 (running openelec) + Flirc + Harmony remote 300:


    My harmony remote is programmed as a plex player panasonic tv remote so it works with my Mac's IR port when using XBMC on mac.

    The plex player setting is also used for FLIRC

    I programmed Flirc using keyboard setting so I could get the most functionality out of XBMC (http://wiki.xbmc.org...Global_Keyboard)

    I mapped the channel up and channel down to page down and page up respectively so large abouts of the library can be skipped - fine by me!

    I'd like to see more set-ups with XBMC not only out of curiosity but if I was a new user i'd like to know other people were very happy with this product.

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