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  1. OK. But for some reason - After a day or so - when I try to connect the remote to the PC - I get USB error. After changing the batteries ( maybe its just taking them out and in again ) - It comes to live again and I get no USB error. So I don't know what to tell you and how to generate those logs without taking the batteries out.
  2. I used the original batteries and another Alkaline set. I suspect it's a software issue. I just tried to replace the batteries and the remote started working again But now, when I inserted the "dead" batteries again - It's started working again. I will keep you posted You cannot take remote logs when the batteries are dead because when you plug it in - you get a USB error. device did not recognized
  3. I have the same problem Batteries only lasts a day
  4. Perfect ! Thank you all for your help
  5. Bingo !! Channel up & down now working :) But every command is sent twice. If I press number 1 - it send the number 11. If I press number 2 - its send the number 22. If I press channel up - It goes up 2 channels etc... Any way to change / fix that ?
  6. @jason @Benjamin Metzler Thank you for both of your time and effort Took some time - but I just finished testing each and every button - most of them did nothing, the other ones were numbers and pause and play. I ran into something online How can I add this codes to the remote for testing ? https://dune-hd.com/support/ir/dunehd_google_ir_codes.html https://dune-hd.com/support/ir/#google_ir_codes Maybe it will work Thanks
  7. Thank you for your kind help VERY much appreciated The database is very lean.. But I do have my other devices remote so I can teach it. ( Onkyo TX-NR609 for exeample or TCL C645 ) This one - the remote is missing and I hope I can get it to work with this one
  8. Yeah. It was in misc. Thank you The power toggle now works with this one. But still no Channel up & Channel down buttons or Settings button
  9. Well it's not. Only the mecool one from the database is there when I edit buttons Or maybe it's just added some more buttons to this one. But no channel up & channel down :/
  10. The main buttons missing that I really need is channel up & Channel down The other ones I can manage I am not sure what I suppose to do with this file.. I added it up with the Admin thing. But I can't see where I choose the buttons.
  11. The main buttons missing that I really need is channel up & Channel down The other ones I can manage MECOOL - KM6.json 5.88 kB · 0 downloads
  12. It does support IR . Only about 10-15% of the buttons are working on my MECool KM2 Plus with the existing MECool model that you do have there. Lots of buttons are just missing as well ( channel up & channel down for example )
  13. Learn what ? the original remote is Bluetooth and I don't have it
  14. Hey I just got my Skip 1S remote I have MECOOL KM2 Plus streamer which does not appear on the database. How can I make this to work ? The only mecool they do have is not working. Thanks
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