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  1. I just converted to a Tablo TV DVR/ Fire Stick 4k from my expensive DISH DVR. I have a Universal MX450 to run all the projector, receiver, screen, etc so I wanted to control the Fire Stick from my single remote, and I have struggled to get it working.   I tried programming 4 different remotes to work with the Flirc connected to the Fire Stick 4k and I could get the standalone remote to control the Fire Stick directly through the Flirc, but when I copy the remote to my Universal remote through Learn mode, it just would not work to control the Fire Stick.  Today, I decided one more time and used my Sony TV remote as the device to copy to both the Flirc and the Universal remote, and VOILA it WORKS!   If you have issues trying to copy a given remote to control your device through a Flirc using a universal remote, make sure you try other remotes!

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