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  1. uploaded via the GUI. restarted the GUI. displayed the firmware = 2.4.0. the GUI recognized the remote presses (said the buttons were recorded), but when pressing the buttons, they don't turn green. started kodi and buttons didn't do anything. switched out with another FLIRC and remote worked. the other FLIRC is running 2.3.0 based on the GUI. THEN... i switched the dongle back to the one i had issues to verify the firmware and checked the buttons for shits and giggles... and it turned the buttons on the GUI green. logged into kodi and it seems to work. All's well at this time. not sure why switching the dongles around got it going, but i'm not going to complain further either.
  2. sure. tried the numbers and directional buttons under the kodi control settings. nothing happens.
  3. "load embedded firmware" isn't available. GUI = v3.9.12 Firmware is v3.9.0
  4. I can attest that these FLIRCs are great for use with KODI when, especially when you build your own HTPCs. I have two 1st gen FLIRCs, which I have been using a while. But, I replaced one of the computers with an NVIDIA shield, so one of the dongles has been gathering dust until I built an arcade computer and needed a dongle to control KODI while the arcade was not in use. Thought I'd refresh the firmware on one of the FLIRCs and install it, but I advise against this. If they work, I don't think you should upgrade the firmware. After I upgraded to v3.9? one of the dongles stopped working. The remote doesn't register any of the key presses. Could I get the BIN for Firmware v2.3.0? This is the firmware on the other FLIRC that is still working. I am using the DVD button on the remote assigned to code 004.
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