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  1. 23 hours ago, jason said:

    Yeah. Here is what you need to do.

    You need to hook up Flirc to your PC.  Flirc is going to become an IR transmitter. You're going to put the B&O remote's receiver facing the flirc, right up against it, and put it in learning mode.

    NVIDIA's profile has 7 buttons, attached a pic. Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter, Back, Home.

    You need to output the IR waveforms for these buttons. I've attached a text file: nvidia.txt

    In this text file, it shows the 'command number' :: 'waveform'

    for example, the first line: 

    0x0 :: 0,4900,4900,840,1680,840,1680,840,1680,840,840,840,1680,840,1680,840,1680,840,6580,840,840,840,1680,840,840,1680,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840

    0 is the command up (as noted in the screenshot attached). the waveform follows after the '::'

    So we want to put your B&O into learning mode for the 'up' button. Then emit this waveform from flirc using my commandline application. Not sure which OS you're using, but you can use my documentation to find the commandline app: https://flirc.gitbooks.io/flirc-instructions/content/command-line-interface-guide.html

    To get Flirc to send that particular code, you'd issue the following command: 

    flirc_util send_ir_raw 0,4900,4900,840,1680,840,1680,840,1680,840,840,840,1680,840,1680,840,1680,840,6580,840,840,840,1680,840,840,1680,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840

    If you were on windows, you'd need:

    flirc_util.exe send_ir_raw 0,4900,4900,840,1680,840,1680,840,1680,840,840,840,1680,840,1680,840,1680,840,6580,840,840,840,1680,840,840,1680,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840

    Then you'd repeat the process for all of the keys.

    The transmitter in flirc isn't great. It's about 1mm wide. So remember, you have to have the B&O very close, line of sight.

    Let me know if that makes sense. 

    Sorry for the delay, traveling.

    Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 2.01.15 PM.png

    Thank you very much Jason :-)
    I got it working with your guidance :-)

  2. On 13/10/2017 at 10:31 PM, jason said:

    Yea, Flirc needs to output the NVIDIA IR protocol for bang to capture it so it can later repeat it. What OS are you on? Can you run a commandline command? 

    Thank you for replying Jason.
    I have a Windows and a MAC here. I am not a programmer, but I can follow a guide, if it's possible to do what I want to do with by programming the Flirc in some way. 
    The Bang & Olufsen TV has IR eyes that I ultimately want to put in front of the Flirc, which I will connect to my Nvidia Shield USB port. 
    Is the task possible?

  3. Hi.

    I am trying to control my Nvidia Shield with my Beoremote One for my Bang & Olufsen Avant TV.
    I have programmed the Flirc for Nvidia Shield on my Windows computer.

    The Flirc is connected to the USB of my Shield, and a B&O IR eye is placed in front of the Flirc.
    The B&O Avant TV is setup with Nvidia Shield as the source.

    I don't get any reaction, when using the Beoremote One.

    What am I missing?
    Is this setup not possible with the B&O IR eye in front of the Flirc? 

    Best regards,
    Michael Schrøder


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