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  1. I started this thread, but having moved from Amazon FireTV to Roku Ultra for streaming, I'm no longer using Flirc.

    I recall lots of difficulty getting Flirc to work with Amazon FireTV but finally did get it to work.

    Unfortunately,, it came undone over time - not sure why. I am constantly tinkering with a fairly elaborate home theater gear rack, so might have been moi.

    Decided to abandon FireTV for Roku . . . wish I could help, but am now out-of-the loop.

  2. Finally, finally, finally with the latest Feb 13, 2017 update EVERYTHING works perfectly  - Flirc + Amazon Fire TV and URC MX-990 !!!

    Before this latest update, I had tried over a dozen times to get commands working, but would get a couple or a few to work , but never all at the same time. I had tried 3 different remote controls to lean from flir,c but never could get them to learn over to my URC MX-990. I was ready to throw the flirc in the trash can. Along comes this latest update yesterday and ALL is solved! Perfect the first time, EVERY command!  

    Thank you Jason!



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