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  1. and just as a test, i wiped out all devices and activities from my Harmony One.


    added Flirc::FireTV as the only device.


    Plugged in Flirc, wiped configuration, loaded FireTV controller, mapped all of the buttons from my Harmony One.  

    Plugged Flirc into FireTV, booted up, nothing...

  2. OK, i'm new to all of this so bear with me.


    my setup to "watch TV" is as follows:


    Toshiba TV, Kinivo HDMI switch, stereo receiver, Flirc, and Harmony One.


    In the MyHarmony software, I have it setup that tv shows video, receiver does audio, and Flirc changes channels.  The Flirc was added to MyHarmony devices as Flirc::FireTV.


    I plugged in the flirc into computer, made sure firmware was up to date, loaded the controller profile for Amazon Fire TV.  I put my remote in Watch TV mode, and went through the process of Flirc learning my buttons.  


    Plugged the Flirc into FireTV, booted it up and... nothing.   Now, the odd thing is, if i go on my remote to Devices::Toshiba TV, my buttons work!!


    what am i doing wrong? lol

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