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  1. This thread is of great interest to me because I just bought an Amazon Fire TV a few days ago.  It's really good for XBMC - smoother than my HTPC and it doesn't crash if it's left in screensaver mode for a couple of hours - but unlike the thing it replaced it's got nowhere near enough control with the default remote.  I use a One For All URC7960 remote to control it and I had some special shortcuts set up for all the buttons, for example the Red button sent it to the Movies Library while in most screens, in live video it does Audio Sync adjustment without going into several menus and in the File Manager it performs a copy.  XBMC allows context sensitive use of the controls but of course the Amazon remote doesn't have almost any buttons, let alone the red/green/yellow/blue shortcut buttons that I'd need.  Easily remappable using the XML files and FLIRC if it's as powerful as it looks.  It's on order anyway... :-D

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