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  1. Excellent, thank you. The oneforall TV looks good too.
  2. Thanks @yawor, I really like the look and shape of the OneForAll URC-6440. Still I think having multiple device buttons on the remote would mess up the wife. With the 1056B03 you can reprogram the device buttons to all be for the same device to stop my wife from switching to device modes that do nothing ha ha.
  3. Just ordered one of these bad boys to use with my Nexus Player with kodi. As much as I love the big Atlas remotes they have way too many buttons I'll never use. I'll be on the hunt for a replacement soon I think. My setup is only the nexus player for use with kodi (downloads, recorded shows, OTA with mythtv addon) and netflix, no cable. I'm still trying to figure out how many buttons I'd actually like ha ha. Being a long time user of xbmc on my original xbox I loved the game controller setup so perhaps I'll try to find a remote with the same number of buttons. Hardest part is finding a universal remote that doesn't have those useless number buttons.
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